NCAA Women’s Gymnastics – Iowa State at Minnesota

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  • Dean P Neuburger - March 3, 2014 - 3:52 am

    Several more great portraits of the gymnasts, I am not surprised from you. Interesting commitment and idea with your angle of the balance beam. Great timing with the inverted release and face visible on bars, my favorite. Impressive bright eyes in several photos despite the harsh overhead lighting. And so much for my powers of observation because I did not see you there but I am sure you are in several of my photos. Hope to see you next weekend!

2013 Fall Trip, Day Seven: Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

On day 7, August 10th, we hiked the 8 miles out from the Timberline camp to the Green Mountain Trailhead, stopping to chitchat with some friends and watch”Tony” the elk on the way out.  We also ran across quite a few dusky grouse along the trail.  We spend the evening watching the bull elk bugle […]

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